Style Guide for Contributors

It is easy to publish information on this site. Nevertheless, to create a consistent presentation across pages, it is important to adhere to the following procedures and guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • We cannot publish content that is copyrighted by anyone other than yourself, unless we are given explicit rights to do so. Remember, material which is not yours is copyrighted unless it specifically says otherwise. For example, this page is copyrighted - we don't have to add a copyright symbol to it!

  • If you quote text from another publication, please include a proper reference to the source.

  • Moderators may delete or edit any content that is in violation with this guideline, so please make sure you are familiar with it.

  • Please post questions on the forum. Don't submit articles that contain questions. Such articles will be deleted.

How to post an article on this site

Follow these steps to publish your article on this site:

  • Log in to the main site (use your forum userid);

  • Click "create content" (first entry in menu);

  • Select the content type. Articles should be submitted as "blog entries";

  • Enter the article's title and body and submit for approval;

  • If you need to make changes, navigate to your article and click "Edit" (please do not submit duplicate articles);

  • When your article is ready, contact one of the moderators to validate and approve your article.

Formatting your article

All content on this site (FAQs, articles, comments, forum posts, etc.) are BBCode formatted. HTML formatting is not allowed! When submitting information for publication, please ensure that it is properly formatted.

No formatting other than headings and code blocks should be necessary, unless you need to create lists, links, etc. Some examples:

Tag Description Example
[ h3 ] Level 3 heading (never use level 1 or 2 headings!)


[ h4 ] Level 4 heading (never use level 1 or 2 headings!)


[ b ] ... [ /b ] Bold Text Bold
[ i ] ... [ /i ] Italic Text Italic
[ u ] ... [ /u ] Underline Text (should not be used!) Underline
[ color=red ] ... [ /color ] Change text color Hello World!
[ code ] ... [ /code ] Code Block
code line 1
  code line 2
    code line 3
[ url= ] ... [ /url ] Link
[ list ]
[ * ]Item 1
[ * ]Item 2
[ /list ]
List of items
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

Common questions

I've submitted an article, but cannot see it. What should I do?

Submitted articles are queued for approval. Please contact one of the site's moderators to look over the article and approve it.

Why was my question not answered/ deleted?

The instructions are clear. Questions should be posted on the forum. This is for contributed articles and FAQ's.

Can I update my articles?

Yes: log in, navigate to your article and click "Edit".